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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I like about being a girl

The best part about being a girl is that
1. when I buy sports jerseys I can pay half price cuz I just buy a kids size.
2. I can get shit for free if I look cute.
3. I never have to lift heavy shit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Things of this nature:

BTW I'm selling all the dancewear in my basement. It's all brand new. Selling this for essentially half price. If you're cool I'll cut you a deal. Let me know!! I only have a few things listed on ebay right now to see how they sell.

I don't know if people get it

There are SO many things I want to do like ironically but I'm pretty positive most people wouldn't get it. Things like wearing a Beiber shirt, or like anything thats the miley cyrus brand. Or those Kanye West sunglasses. Cuz I'd think it was really really funny, but people might think I'm serious. And then probably even after explanation probably wouldn't get the joke anyway. You'd be shocked how many people think that irony is rain on your wedding day.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

I love Loreal Kids Shampoo and heres why:

Loreal kids shampoo is the best shit ever. Ok well actually only the blue shampoo that smells like orange and then the purple conditioner. It smell SO GOOD. Why don't they make adult shampoo smell that good. I love having delicious smelling hair and it makes it feel so soft. Its incredible. I wish I could smell it all day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know whats a joke? BATTERY PULLS

Battery Pulls. It sucks. I just had to do it. Blackberry users you know what I'm talking about. It takes FOREVER. but it fixes EVERYTHING. I hate when I'm somewhere and I'm bored so I'm dicking around with my phone and it freezes up and I have to battery pull. Its excruciating. I sit there and stare at that bar loading. It especially sucks when I'm mid BBM convo with someone and I gotta battery pull because I know I'm missing out on so much. It's the longest three minutes of my life.

Also a new thing

Along with "I love (blank) and heres why" I'm going to start "You know whats a joke" starting today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Idea

Im gonna start posting about this I love and why. It's gonna be called "I Love (blank) and heres why" so be ready for all that.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This whole "music" thing

There's this guy in my music theory one class and he's totally that guy who is like "Oh I was JUST about to say that!" and its like no you weren't don't lie. You were so NOT gonna say that. Also he does that thing where someone gives the answer and he says it real fast after they are saying it, like trying to make it sound like they're saying it in unison so they'll sound smart. He couldn't even play all of the 5 finger scales on the piano. So, clearly he knows very very little. Maybe he knows what wikipedia taught him....

I'm being forced into the choir. I hate singing. I don't sing its not my thing. I play piano and guitar and some other things but I do not sing. I repeat, I DO NOT SING. I'm terrible at it. I have the most monotone voice EVER. Literally my scale range is like from the g below middle to to e and that's it. Don't get me wrong I WISH I could sing. and I sing in my car with the music up so loud I can't hear myself because when I can hear myself I can tell how far off I am. It's rough. I'm in a room full of "musicians" and not gonna lie they're pretty pretentious but it makes for great people watching. This one girl sings like she's on American Idol for the win, like each song means something very personal to her.

This is rough, I like my music butttttttt I don't like musicians, for the most part. Very few are cool. The rest are just trying to prove some sort of point. They take themselves to seriously. I'm the type of person that can totally admit that I LOVE POP MUSIC and can at least appreciate most types of music. They people seem like they are going out of their way to alienate people. But whatever helps you sleep at night and amuses me is alright with this girl

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretty good but not great

So I have like a million muses. And I'm good/capable at a lotta things but I'm not particularly GREAT at anything. Like I can sew, knit, play guitar, play piano, play drums, paint, tap dance, do some backflips, um things of that nature but I'm not like really really good at any of them.
The things that I AM really great at are
1. Being sarcastic
2. Being awkward
3. Being observant
4. Being crafty
5. Making messes

Things that I suck at that kind of suck
1. Singing
2. Parking and driving in general
3. Listening
4. Drawing

But I'm kind of ok with that. Cuz whenever someone is really good at something its cuz they secretly hate themselves I think. And I like me. A lot.


I hate when your dog is chewing on a rawhide stick and it gets to the end and it's all gross and sick and it sounds like hes chewing gum or something. Then its all mushy. Then he comes over it drops it on your lap or something and it touches your skin and its like AH SICK.
my dogs doing that right now....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So maybe your life isnt so great

So theres this girl I work with. She’s nice and all but I’m pretty positive she’s the fakest person ever. She always acts like she’s SO much fun and so spontaneous and awesome and I’m pretty sure its all completely fabricated. Here’s why:

She has a bunch of pictures of her and her friend out by the pool. In every pic they are posing as if to say “HEY LOOK HOW FUN WE ARE. WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN”. BUT their hair is DONE in every picture. Not like it looks cute, like its done, time was spent on it. and also, there is no sun out whatsoever. Not only is it cloudy, it almost looks like its could out. Most certainly does not look like a day where you would go into a pool.

So now we all know, your summer fun is fabricated and you’re a phony. It makes me feel better about my life because first of all I don’t have to stage eleborate photoshoots on overcast days to SHOW people how much fun I have outside. Wanna know why? Cuz I’m too busy dicking around outside with my jackass friends to have time to take pictures.

It’s almost sad because she clearly puts effort into trying to make her life look fun when its not. Key word: ALMOST

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I’ pretty much hate how facebook decides my life. It started simple, just a few friend suggestions. Then it turned into groups and pages. Now it tells me what I like and who I need to talk to. Maybe there’s a reason I don’t talk to that person and thats why I don’t wanna “reconnect” with them facebook. Then it connects to my phone and tells me where people work and go to school and puts events into my calender and NOW it decides whose info pops up on my feed?!??? Fuck you facebook YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE.

I'm not pissed off that just the way I look.

People always assume that I’m pissed off. Most of the time I’m not. Trust me, if I were pissed, you’d know it. Apparently, when I don’t smile, I look pissed. But what am I suppose to do? Walk around with a goofy ass grin on my face like my mom did a little too much E when I was in the womb? I’m so sick of everyone saying, “Hey why don’t you smile more?” Or “Hey give us a smile!” how about “Hey shut your fucking face”

If all you can come up with for conversation is giving me shit for not smiling then maybe you should go home and google “conversation starters” or something.

Then there’s always “That Guy” who wants to makes it his personal job to try to make me laugh. Why is it that this guy is never ACTUALLY funny. All he does it act like an ass. And apparently touching me or my face or my hair is suppose to make me laugh. I don’t know you don’t touch me. I was in a good mood until you started fucking with me.

Another thing that SUCKS is that I can’t hear. I come off like a super bitch because sometimes if someone isn’t talking directly to me in a group conversation I zone out and start playing on my phone. But its not because I don’t care!!! It’s because I can’t hear!!! I’m pretty sure “what” is my most commonly used word. Ever.