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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So maybe your life isnt so great

So theres this girl I work with. She’s nice and all but I’m pretty positive she’s the fakest person ever. She always acts like she’s SO much fun and so spontaneous and awesome and I’m pretty sure its all completely fabricated. Here’s why:

She has a bunch of pictures of her and her friend out by the pool. In every pic they are posing as if to say “HEY LOOK HOW FUN WE ARE. WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN”. BUT their hair is DONE in every picture. Not like it looks cute, like its done, time was spent on it. and also, there is no sun out whatsoever. Not only is it cloudy, it almost looks like its could out. Most certainly does not look like a day where you would go into a pool.

So now we all know, your summer fun is fabricated and you’re a phony. It makes me feel better about my life because first of all I don’t have to stage eleborate photoshoots on overcast days to SHOW people how much fun I have outside. Wanna know why? Cuz I’m too busy dicking around outside with my jackass friends to have time to take pictures.

It’s almost sad because she clearly puts effort into trying to make her life look fun when its not. Key word: ALMOST

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