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Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Rules for Waterfall

Here are some good rules to makes when you pull the rulemaker card in waterfall

1. no numbers
2. no names
3. no colors
4. no swearing
5. no prepositional phrases
6. no referencing other rules
7. no adverbs
8. no usage of past tense verbs
9. no gerund phrases - i.e. ING
10. no use of idioms or turn of phrase

-pretty much guaranteed success you'll get WASTED.
You're welcome

Slut codes

I hate when girls say that most of their friends are guys. Because MOST of the time this is a gigantic lie. You aren't friends with these guys, you are just always fucking one of them. "I get along better with guys" is code for "I'm a slut". If you have ever actually been friends with guys then you know because they are say the most disgusting shit. Not just typical boy shit but about girls. Theres that situation where one guy starts to say something and then he kinda stops becase he doesnt wanna offend you. If there is a guy there that says "oh no its cool" then you ARE indeed friends with them and not just a piece of ass. But most of the time, youre just a slut