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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretty good but not great

So I have like a million muses. And I'm good/capable at a lotta things but I'm not particularly GREAT at anything. Like I can sew, knit, play guitar, play piano, play drums, paint, tap dance, do some backflips, um things of that nature but I'm not like really really good at any of them.
The things that I AM really great at are
1. Being sarcastic
2. Being awkward
3. Being observant
4. Being crafty
5. Making messes

Things that I suck at that kind of suck
1. Singing
2. Parking and driving in general
3. Listening
4. Drawing

But I'm kind of ok with that. Cuz whenever someone is really good at something its cuz they secretly hate themselves I think. And I like me. A lot.

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