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Friday, September 17, 2010

This whole "music" thing

There's this guy in my music theory one class and he's totally that guy who is like "Oh I was JUST about to say that!" and its like no you weren't don't lie. You were so NOT gonna say that. Also he does that thing where someone gives the answer and he says it real fast after they are saying it, like trying to make it sound like they're saying it in unison so they'll sound smart. He couldn't even play all of the 5 finger scales on the piano. So, clearly he knows very very little. Maybe he knows what wikipedia taught him....

I'm being forced into the choir. I hate singing. I don't sing its not my thing. I play piano and guitar and some other things but I do not sing. I repeat, I DO NOT SING. I'm terrible at it. I have the most monotone voice EVER. Literally my scale range is like from the g below middle to to e and that's it. Don't get me wrong I WISH I could sing. and I sing in my car with the music up so loud I can't hear myself because when I can hear myself I can tell how far off I am. It's rough. I'm in a room full of "musicians" and not gonna lie they're pretty pretentious but it makes for great people watching. This one girl sings like she's on American Idol for the win, like each song means something very personal to her.

This is rough, I like my music butttttttt I don't like musicians, for the most part. Very few are cool. The rest are just trying to prove some sort of point. They take themselves to seriously. I'm the type of person that can totally admit that I LOVE POP MUSIC and can at least appreciate most types of music. They people seem like they are going out of their way to alienate people. But whatever helps you sleep at night and amuses me is alright with this girl

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