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Monday, March 21, 2011

My weekend...

I spent this entire weekend SINGING. yes thats right, SINGING. something I dont do. pretty much I have to be in the choir for my music minor. and we have to perform. we practiced for like 6 hours on saturday and then on Sunday we have MORE practice and then the actual performance.
I'm literally not friends with one single person in the choir. They provided lunch on saturday because we practiced from 930 AM until 4 PM. I walked into this room with these round tables and there was like a lunch line. It reminded me of middle school and I refused to be a part of it. So I sat by myself at a table and realized WOW I like NONE of these people. how fucked up is that? So I sat there until I was conpletely surrounded by old androgenous ladies who appereantly like to sing. I sat there for about 5 minutes listening to them discuss church and music and was like ... I can't do this.
So I went over and sat with this girl who I hate but like at the same time. She's like every will and grace character molded into one. She tries to act like she parties or something? like shes a badass and I just wanna be like sister you don't even know the half of it....
It was painstaking just standing there pretending to sing while I have literally a billion other things I could be doing. Not to mention I had to take off work for it. AND the conductor lady kept calling me out but its like BITCH I DONT SING. sorry. She told me to pin my bangs back out of my face. I was like OK! but in my head I was like go fuck yourself.
The only positive note was that 1. there was a straight up super hot milf. too bad shes in a catholic choir. And 2. the conductor for the first choir was crazy hot too!
Old people are weird. That's all.
Also, I conned my mom into going. little did she know it was gonna be boring as shittttttt. WIN.
And now the next day, I have Mozarts Veni Spiritus Sanctus in my head. and also this crazy german gypsy song....

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